As organizations have evolved from international to multinational to truly global, the communicative skill needs have also changed.

Business language is no longer simply transactional; it too has evolved to a new and diverse consultative style of communication.

The Berlitz Business Communications School (BBCS) Programs

The BBCS curriculum builds off of participants’ existing level of English language skills. BBCS is structured in three levels: Basic, Advanced and Expert. Each of these programs develops business skills in four core areas – Presentations, Meetings, Negotiations and Leadership & Coaching. The modules are delivered in 32 total hours of training and customizable programs too. Additional modules are currently available, including Business Writing, Teleconferences and Persuasion Techniques.

BBCS will:

  • Equip non-native English speakers with the skills necessary to become effective leaders in the global business arena
  • Enable participants to practically apply their English language skills in realistic business environments
  • Help participants overcome any existing barriers that prevent them from effectively conducting business in English

Fully Customized Training Programs

Berlitz is committed to partnering with clients to deliver value-added trainings that bring tangible results. We offer fully customized programs for client-specific attendees. We meet with you to ascertain the specific communicative goals and requirements of the organization. We then create a goal focused agenda with emphasis on the skill takeaways of the participants. Once the agenda is approved, the customized curriculum is developed utilizing proprietary materials, complemented by full case studies from leading business education institutions such as Harvard University. Throughout this process, we work closely with you to receive feedback and integrate new requests into the program as required to ensure a significant return on training. Generally, the customized trainings are delivered at the client site to groups sized from four to ten.