The Cultural Navigator® prepares your employees for the global markets.

With the Cultural Navigator®, you will find up-to-the-minute analysis and insight around a wide range of global business and cultural topics designed to improve your global competitive advantage.

The Cultural Navigator® delivers timely cultural and business intelligence to enable a company to achieve the following goals:

  • Prepare employees to do business in global markets
  • Scan the world for management and business practices across cultures
  • Develop cultural competence to build and manage global alliances, partnerships and value networks
  • Obtain critical market knowledge to conduct business across cultures and geographies
  • Enhance cultural understanding and bridge cultural differences

The Cultural Navigator® consists of Six Primary Channels:



Cultural Orientations Indicator® (COI) Online Assessment

The COI assessment is a statistically validated cultural assessment that measures a person’s work style preferences against 10 dimensions of culture. Provided comparison tools generate an analysis of cultural gaps by comparing your COI cultural profile with national and regional cultural profiles.

The COI assessment takes approximately 25 minutes to complete, and is available in 13 different languages - Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Spanish (Español), Spanish (Americano Latino).

COI Assessment: User-to-User and Team Comparisons

User-to-User COI Comparisons – allows you to invite users to compare their COI Cultural Profile with your own. You can also compare potential cultural gaps with up to ten users at one time through the User-to-User Gap Analysis Tool. Recommendations to bridge these gaps are given. 

COI Teams – allows you to create teams, run COI Aggregate Team Reports and compare your personal COI preferences with those team members who have released their COI Cultural Profiles.

Management Assessment

Assesses your proficiency in key management skills: Based on your self-assessment, your skill proficiency is assessed in three distinct categories: (1) strengths, (2) moderate skills, and (3) weak skills. This assessment guides your personal learning and development as a manager as well as your use of the management learning resources provided in the Cultural Navigator®. These resources are webbased modules that help develop your weak /moderate skills identified by your Management Assessment Report.




An in-depth reference and information resource on 100+ countries: Basic Facts, Economy, Culture, World Times, History, Maps, Useful Links, Diversity, Relocation, Travel and a detailed treatment of management and business practices across cultures. Country COI Cultural Profiles and comparisons with other national cultures are provided, as well as scenarios and world quizzes. Customized country reports can be generated instantly. These reports can be printed or saved to your virtual briefcase.

Managing Across Cultures

This feature enables you to compare and contrast critical management differences between national cultures and identify key differences in processes and practices.

Negotiating Across Cultures

This feature enables you to compare and contrast negotiating differences between national cultures and identify key differences in processes and practices.



Cultural Simulator

Direct access to TMC's proprietary cultural simulations that allow users to test and reinforce awareness and learning by creating online simulations around a variety of management topics pertaining to a specific country or region.

Management Simulator

Direct access to TMC's proprietary management simulations that allow users to test and reinforce awareness and learning by creating online simulations around a variety of management topics.



Cultural Toolbox

A searchable database of InfoPacks containing information and tools on global management issues designed to improve cross-cultural management effectiveness.

Management Toolbox

The Management Toolbox gives the user access to a number of management topics or skill modules such as coaching, conducting performance appraisals, and providing feedback. The user can browse these topics on-demand, acquiring basic knowledge and access high-impact practice and skill recommendations. In addition, he/she can learn good-to-know background on the topic, the impact of cultural differences on the related skills, and download specific performance enhancing tools for immediate application.



An integrated suite of structured learning programs focused on developing global mindset and global leadership skills: 

  • A blended learning Global Effectiveness curriculum - Face-to-Face, Virtual, and Blended.
  • Web-based SCORM-compliant learning programs - Cultural Orientations at Work and Looking Towards a Global Future web-courses are included.



An access point to live advice from our worldwide network of experts: Advisors in areas of cross-cultural management and global organization effectiveness are available to respond to posted queries about specific topics and dilemmas