Test Preparation

Berlitz (Thailand) knows that in order to succeed in today’s world, students need to succeed in taking tests to open themselves to more opportunities. We understand the challenges that these tests present and can work with students to improve their scores and help them to reach their dreams.


The Berlitz IELTS Preparation Course equips students with the necessary skills in taking the IELTS Test. We take an integrated approach, with most in-class exercises honing not only one, but two or more skills at the same time. Throughout the course, students are given constant feedback and are shown practical ways of applying the skills learned in each of the sessions in approaching the sections of the IELTS test. Finally, students are also given full-length tests a number of times throughout the course to monitor their progress.


With recent changes in the TOEFL test, not many schools have succeeded in providing students with the proper testing skills needed to approach the new iBT TOEFL, and Berlitz is proudly one of these schools that have. With its TOEFL curriculum designed to help students overcome the new challenges presented by the iBT TOEFL, Berlitz has proven to be successful in helping students achieve the scores they have aimed for. As such, the aim is not to teach English, but to provide students with the skills needed to perform competently on the new iBT TOEFL. They will learn how to better organize and successfully present their ideas through speaking and writing practice. In addition listening and comprehension skills will be honed through reading and listening exercises


Many employers nowadays recognize the need for their employees to have proficient English language skills in order to succeed in bringing their business to the global stage. As such, a number of these companies rely on TOEIC tests to determine the English proficiency of their employees, where certain TOEIC scores are needed in order to get a promotion or an international posting. With our long history of teaching TOEIC, Berlitz can be your partner in achieving the TOEIC scores you need. Our teaching method ensures that students get a great deal of practice, effectively honing their test-taking skills in TOEIC. This has enabled our students to successfully achieve the scores they need.

Berlitz Business Interview Preparation Course

Whether you’ve just finished university or have already been working for some years, presenting yourself in a way that successfully highlights your life or work experience, academic qualifications, personal qualities, skills, and, very importantly, why you are the best person for the job is no easy task---especially if you need to do so using English! In this day and age of global business, English is the international language of communication used throughout the world.

If you want to work for an international company, or a company where English is the official language, then getting there means that you need to have excellent spoken English skills to achieve your goal and, your future success.

The Berlitz Business Interview Preparation Course has been designed to help you organize your thoughts efficiently, and present yourself with self-assurance so that you are in the best position to respond to and answer questions effectively and confidently in a job interview situation---in English!